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We have been making wine in the family for decades

Today we contribute to making our island, Sardinia, shine through its most exceptional territories, Mejlogu and Gallura with a new vision.

An ancient story, which finds expression in one of the most majestic nuraghes, Sa Domo de su Re, the nuragic palace of Santu Antine, pervades the gentle land, exposed to light and wind, of the Mejlogu, a "place in between" in the center of Logudoro, in the north of Sardinia. Here are the vineyards of Andrea Ledda who responds to the strong call of the traditional family trade with an innovative vision, born in him thanks to his experience in the field of entrepreneurship. In the footsteps of the great winemaker Giacomo Tachis, mentor and guide, in Bonnanaro

Ledda interprets the excellence of Sardinia: on one side a rugged and volcanic land, on the other the breathtaking horizons that shine on the coast. Its grapes thus ripen near the cherry trees and, at the same time, draw strength from the calcareous and sandy soil. A dream. A passion. From which mineral, sweet and fresh wines are born, but also lively, spicy and powerful, able to excite and enrapture the heart of those who taste them, just as Sardinia can do, halfway between sky and sea.


We started from our land of origin, Mejlogu, a renowned center for the production of grapes and cherries.

Mejlogu means place in the middle, and in fact it is the area located in the center of Logudoro, a splendid region in the north of Sardinia. It is an intact land, which has preserved traces of our most ancient history. It is a land that has been able to welcome, until a few years ago, one of the largest areas of quality wine production in Sardinia, coming to include a vineyard area of over 1,000 hectares.



In Bonnanaro, where our vineyards grow, the remains of an ancient culture that preceded that of the nuraghes have come to light for the first time. It is not difficult to understand why our ancestors chose this region, and built here one of the most majestic nuraghi: Sa Domo de su Re, the Nuragic palace of Santu Antine.

Mejlogu is a gentle land, exposed to light and wind, perfect for vineyards and orchards. The grapes ripen near the cherry trees, the bunches take strength from the calcareous and sandy soil.


Driven by the will to continue on the path of excellence; wanting to interpret the excellence of Sardinia through wine, we have chosen to add a new territory to our estates. We then moved towards Gallura, a harsh and fascinating land like few others, with breathtaking landscapes. Land of choice for one of the most noble Italian vines: Vermentino, which here finds its maximum expression. Our estate in Gallura, housed on the top of the granite massif in the Matteu area, which extends for 35 hectares, represents the quintessence of the Gallura vineyard dedicated to his majesty Vermentino. A 12-hectare vineyard, configured as a terrace overlooking the sea - at about 300 meters above sea level - overlooking the astonishing archipelago of La Maddalena.

Our dream, our passion, then led us towards a new step.



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