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Everything start from Andrea Ledda, passionate and visionary winemaker since ever, and his dream

"The beauty and uniqueness of the Matteu estate, overlooking the most beautiful Archipelago in the world, bewitched me from the first moment…

Exactly in that moment my desire has been to share this beauty!"

Our private transfer will take you from Cannigione to the heart of the estate. The experience begins here, between these vine-rows and the lovely breeze blowing over them.


The smile of Federica, manager of the estate, and all our young and passionate staff welcomes you with the first wine tasting experience, paired with our finger foods.

The food tasting, a real journey throughout the smallest artisanal productions of Sardinia, comes from the skill and the heart of Chef Gabriele Piga, finally returned to his homeland after a long-time international experience


Food at the service of Wine,
Wine at the service of the palate

"Each dish emphasizes the value of our wines, which come from the land, cultivated with care and respect".

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Willingness to be amazed

Capturing the essence and the exclusivity manifested by Nature's creativity is boundless. Throughout this grand natural scenery, you will find out what the luxury of simplicity means.

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Willingness to share

Our guests say that the beauty of the panorama that suddenly appears cannot be told with images and words, but only kept in the eyes and in the heart. And we, we agree with them.

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