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Our dream, our passion,
he then took us to a new step.

Driven by the will to continue on the path of excellence; wanting to interpret the excellence of Sardinia through wine, we have chosen to add a new territory to our estates. We then moved towards Gallura, a harsh and fascinating land like few others, with breathtaking landscapes.

Land of choice for one of the most noble Italian vines: Vermentino, which here finds its maximum expression. Our estate in Gallura, housed on the top of the granite massif in the Matteu area, which extends for 35 hectares, represents the quintessence of the Gallura vineyard dedicated to his majesty Vermentino.

A 12-hectare vineyard, configured as a terrace overlooking the sea - at about 300 meters above sea level. - overlooking the amazing archipelago of La Maddalena. The granite rock that becomes noble land to be cultivated with grapes gave us our first Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, vintage 2016, Soliànu, for about 20,000 bottles.


Wines from the heart of Gallura

Vermentino at its maximum expression





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